About the project

With approximately one-fifth of the world’s population currently in lockdown, the novel coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic has drastically changed many of our lives. According to official statistics, the virus has now infected well over a million individuals across 209 countries and territories, and such draconian measures are likely to have saved countless lives. But, the effects of the virus reach far beyond its biological capacity to cause illness.

Originating in Wuhan, China, its rapid spread across national boundaries has drawn attention to the porous and interconnected world that we live in. The resulting economic consequences of lockdown measures highlight the volatility of the global economy and the precarity of those whose labour sustains it. At the same time, it has transformed the way we interact with one another and understand ourselves, as new forms of creativity and solidarity emerge.

In the time of coronavirus, both critical cultural analysis and sustained personal reflection are needed more than ever to put these emerging new realities into perspective.

Culture in Quarantine is a project led and curated by doctoral students at The Lisbon Consortium. Over the coming weeks, we hope to publish critical writing, visual essays and other creative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic; later, the website will remain online to serve as an archive of our collective thoughts and experiences.

The Lisbon Consortium

The Lisbon Consortium is a partnership between the Master and Doctoral Programs in Culture Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal and prestigious cultural institutions in Lisbon. The aim of this network is to promote advanced training in the multidisciplinary field of Culture Studies, bringing together theory, applied research, cultural programming and management. To find out more about The Lisbon Consortium, visit our website.